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Filtration Success Stories


May 24, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
I am planning 65 gallon (approx) setup for a Bimac and wondering if people can share best practices or lessons learned from their system. Right now the plan is to run a high quality skimmer, chaeto in a refugium, and a media reactor. I've never run a single species tank this large and am wondering what combos work particularly well.

I have never used algae in my filtration systems before, so I can't speak to the efficacy of their filtration properties.

What are you planning to put in your media reactor?

Are you going to have a separate sump underneath your tank or will your filtration be in a refugium attached to the back?
I think it would have to be a sump design to keep the octopus from mucking about in the back of the tank. I think I'll probably run a combo of Carbon and GFO, but am very open to other opinions.

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