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Just looking for some advice for 75 gallon


Nov 3, 2005
So my 75 gallon tank is now a year old and although I like what I have in it I really want to try an octo

Currently I have a wet dry setup on it. And I would like to remove the wet dry setup (to many ways out) I feel with this type.

What can I do to my 75 gallon filter wise and setup wise to make a happy home to a octo.

Also currently my bottom is a mix of small and fine crushed coral and sand.

Re: advice

It is really best that you click on the Ceph Care link and read some of the articles listed below like: equipment checklist and such.

It's easy to just ask the question straight out, but it's been answered so many times, so that's why that section is provided.

It's very comprehensive and really everything you'll need to know.

Good Luck!

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