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Does this movement mean it’s nearing the end?


Aug 28, 2017
Got him/her right before Christmas, the first clip is from the lfs. Kept in a 20 gallon sterilize container while I got my eel out of the 75 gallon that I’m using for octos and I didn’t see him moving like that while in the container…


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I was so ecstatic to find another abdopus that was small and seemed young since I had gotten my first one in January and it lived for at least 6 months in 2018… now I’m feeling like I did something wrong.
That is good to hear! I was trying to research it; hadn't heard of it. So everything seeming good? Looks like an arm & a half are missing 👀 -- will be curious on grow-back of that!
ugh, sorry he took that turn. So it seems there was indeed a problem showing in that video.
Evidently the nitrates in my 75 were too high while everything else was fine and I think I left him in too long. I should have moved him when I noticed him shaking like that.