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New (used) Aquarium

I live in Emerald Hills, 30 minuets south of San Francisco.
Red Sea 350 Aquarium and Stand
Tank capacity: 73 Gallons with 18 Gallon Sump
Aquarium Dimensions: 47"L x 20"W x 21"H
Stand Dimensions: 47"L x 20"W x 35"H
Stand Color: White


  • APEX controller 832 + probes

  • COR-20 Intelligent Return Pump (2000 GPH) - $349.95
  • MPR Magnetic Probe Rack - Neptune Systems
  • 1" Flow Sensor FS100 - Neptune Systems
  • LDK Leak Detection Kit - Neptune Systems 149.95
  • MA887 Digital Seawater Refractometer - Milwaukee
  • ATK V2 Auto Top Off Kit - Neptune Systems 224.95
  • Elite 150-INT 6" Super Cone Protein Skimmer - $595.62
  • a second skimmer. Red Sea 300 Skimmer
  • WAV Single Pump (4000 GPH) - Neptune Systems 184.95
  • A lot of Blue Schedule 40 Pipe
  • Several I/O Breakout Box - Neptune Systems
  • Many Ball Valves, Elbows, Couples, Adapters $200+
  • OS-1 Optical Level Sensor $34.95
  • Chaeto LED $99.99
  • 60cm Slide-Out Control Panel - Red Sea
  • a lot of piping valves and joints
  • Several measuring instruments

Reverse Osmosis System:
  • RO Water Controller - Tunze $234.99
  • RO/DI Flood Guardian - XP Aqua
  • VarioS-4 Controllable DC Pump (1050 GPH) - $339.99
  • 6 Stage Deluxe Plus 150 GPD Water Saver RO/DI System - $374.99
  • Several Titanium Heater Elements and Controllers 195.49+

This is much more than a complete setup!

Local Pickup only
Sounds amazing but you got me with local pick up only. I am in Raleigh North Carolina. I do transport high-end vehicles on occasion traveling the country. If I end up near you anytime soon I will give you a shout. Thank you for listing all of that. I’m sure it will help the next potential buyer as well. Have a great day!

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