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Correction new *wunderpus octopus


Blue Ring
Apr 1, 2018
Lakewood California
I currently hold two jobs, one is for an aquarium store/ service and installation company, and another as education staff for a public marine science center.
The science center is expanding and had gotten permission to include live animals in the new exhibit.
They wanted an octopus tank, a jellyfish tank, and a reef tank.
My boss had gotten one quote from an aquarium installation company, and corporate was kinda not happy about the quote because it was pretty pricey.
Naturally I encouraged her to get a quote from the company I am working for and they decided to go with us.
We are a few days away from the installation and we have just received the mimic into the shop.
I have taken care of the octopus for the wholesaler at my old job. This is where the octopus came from.
I am quite sure he has come out of the ocean. The day before yesterday he ate a fiddler crab. I am hoping to ween him onto frozen foods because I am sure thats what the science center will be wanting to feed him. He is a bit hesitant, but I got him to eat a bit of silverside today.
I am a bit worried that this company is rushing into this without being fully prepared, or educated on what theu are getting into. There are a few people on staff with experience with marine tanks. I am the only one with any cephalopod experience.
I am only working one day a week, and I only have experience in a very large system, and with every resource I could possibly imagine to need at my fingertips.
I have never kept an octopus in a closed system before.
I know the tank should be very well cycled before the introduction of the animal, but it is looking like that is not going to happen.
I am going to do my best to keep this animal alive with the small amount of time and influence that I have with this company, but I am going to need some help.
Is there anything I should know going into this? Tips? Trick? Anything worth noting?
It would be much appreciated.
Well, first thing, I would not introduce the animal into the system before it is cycled... are you being pressured by the staff at the public aquarium? Can they keep some other kind of sea creature in the tank until it is cycled? Can you get the backing from the staff at the installation company that it would not be wise to introduce such a delicate animal into an uncycled tank. I also would not trust the experience of any staff member who would agree to adding an animal to an uncycled tank...

Can you tell me what city (or Pm me) the public aquarium is located? My guess is either Manhattan Beach or Santa Monica based on your location... since the public aquarium in Long Beach and the one in San Pedro have both housed octopus...
I think that my one job is just doing what they have been hired to do, which is install the aquariums and provide the animal.
And the other job I think just doesnt realize exactly what is included in caring for an octopus. They have kept fish, but octopus are much more complex.
I dont want to create problems for or between these companies, nor for this page.
I just dont want this animal to die. I have some experience with this, but not enough. Unfortunatly I am the person that has the most experience in this particular area at the moment.
I am going to write my boss an email and discuss this with her.

The octopus is currently being housed in a large container with holes in it for water flow. This has been placed in one of our overstock coral tanks.
He does not want to eat and has begun chewing his arms.
I have offered him frozen silversides and frozen krill. I have also offered him live fiddler crabs, peppermint shrimp, and ghost shrimp.
He did eat one fiddler crab the second day in the shop, and I thought he ate a piece of a silverside, but it turns out he did not.
As far as I know, him eating his own arms is more of a stress thing than hunger?
And he may not be eating due to stress?
I put a rock in his cup to help him feel safer. I also moved him away from a nosey bird wrasse.
Is there any treatment I should give him to ensure he doesnt get an infection?
Any other measures I should be taking?
Eating arms is definitely a sign of stress. I would not move this animal into a newly set up system until it is eating... How big is the animal? How much bigger is the container than the animal?
He is about a foot long stretched out. The contaner is not much bigger than him. He looks comfortable hiding under the rock, but still hasnt eaten. I am tryimg my hand at diplomacy between the two companies as I dont really have any say in any of this. I am just hoping I can talk to them and they will listen.
Do you think a bigger container will help?
This species is very delicate. Hopefully, you can suggest a more hardy animal next time around. Wunderpus likes to bury, it there is any way to give it a soft substrate under the cave rock, this might help ... a little.
Ok. I will definatly try that.
I think their thought was that they wanted something that was big enough to look nice on display.
I suggested a two spot, but that one got shot down.
Thank you, I really appreciate all of the advice!!
Its going to be a 50 gallon hex tank. The octopus we had in the shop didn't make it.
I spoke to the owner and had him speak to our wholesaler and the girl who cares for the octopus at the wholesaler. She is going to set a healthy octopus aside while the exhibit tank cycles.
I wish I was able to save the original octopus, but I knew the chances werent great.
But I am happy that this means that the new octopus will have a better shot at what he needs.
Since these are imports, an aculeatus (often called Bali or Common Brown) would be a far better choice. These are day active and relatively hardy. Sadly, any of the longer lived animals will be cold water and not as readily available. The one warm water, longer lived, day active suggestion I had (O cyanea) will outgrow a 50 gallon tank.
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