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Feb 2, 2005
hello everyone! I want an octopus plain and simple! I am leaning towards the bimac and would like it if you could answer some questions!
1- Do you have an octopus, species, where did you get it?
2- why did you get it, how much time did you spend deciding
3- how much money do you currently spend on your octo
4-how much will a tank setup cost me
5- what are some questions that you think i should have asked and answers please!

I dont have one but I now that you can get one for 35 dallors at ...am I aload to say the webpage? but I would say a 30 gallon setup will cost you $400 dalloars if you keep it on the down low.
Good questions...I would say that you are going to spend at least 500 dollars on a basic octo setup, and perhaps as much as 1200...depending on how fancy you want to get...
But really, think about the little "frill" items you get on a daily basis...fast food, candy, drinks...media...get rid of those expenses, and you will have a tank in no time...

greg (ghandi of the octo world...sitting in a cave )

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