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Finally Got One!!


Apr 24, 2006
On friday i finally ordered an octopus and they said it was a vulgaris!!! I got it from saltwaterfish.com and i talked to them and they said it as a vulgaris for sure!!! I paid about 90 bux for it but i dont care it is worth it!! Also, how long will it take to get here? Has anyone on here delt with saltwaterfish.com before? He/she is going into a 55 gal for about 2 months then he/she is going into a 120 gal... Is that 120 going to be big enough for him/her? Man im so excited i cant wait!!!
You'd better keep in touch with saltwater.com and find out exactly when it's going to arrive. Usually they are shipped overnight (should be), but they may not ship it the day you order it.

I'm trying to determine the minimium tank size for a vulgaris. Some people have suggested 200 gallons, others 150. I don't know about a 120.

If it's a vulgaris from the Caribbean, the body could be 12 inches long and the arms could be 31 inches. (It's going to eat a lot, too!)

They are friendly and usually live longer than a bimac.

Awsome! Tell us how it goes. I was hesitating on getting one from there but decided not to do to the fact that I have a connection to get a wild caught bimic!!:grin::roll:
he got to my house about 3 hours ago and i have been acclimating him for about 2 1/2 hours after he got used to the temp for about 30 min.... he looks very healthy and he moves around alot also....
i havnt decided on a name yet... maybe cujo? cause he acts kind of aggressive? the reason i say that is because when i put my finger in the bucket to grap the drip tube out... he lunged at my finger and decided to grab on slowly which i thought wasnt too bad cause he was moving slowly... then all of a sudden he grabbed my hand with all of his arms and began crawling on my hand!!! i pulled him about an inch out of the water and he sprayed me with water like 5 times.....he finally let go but it was kind of sudden how he did it.... and i never realized the grip they have..... he has a mantle about the size of a golf ball and arms about 3 inches.... right now he is in the tank sitting on the back glass not moving... i hope he is ok :(
btw... do vulgaris's have small blue dots on both sides of thier mantle? i thought bimacs were the only ones like that
91lxstang said:
btw... do vulgaris's have small blue dots on both sides of thier mantle? i thought bimacs were the only ones like that

That's a bimac!! Plus the grabbing and the squirting of water, Thomas used to do that to me when he wanted to be fed, it really sounds like you got a bimac!

Are there 2 blue false eyespots, one on each side?

Also, Vulgaris usually have white markings/splotches all over their body...
yea hes a bimac then cause he doesnt have a white spots unless he is flashing his colors!! also, how big will a bimace get because he has leg that are about 3 inches and a mantle that is a tad bit smaller than a golfball... i hope i didnt get an older one ... but oh well.... also how do you get them off when they cling on to you
I rubbed the out side megas's skin when he grabbed me
seems he hated to be touched on anything but the sucker side
rubbing a finger gently over his eye also made him stop biting me
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