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New Octopus, Help with ID?


Aug 27, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
Hey everyone!
First post on here, and first time ever looking after a ceph. I plan on getting my PhD studying these guys starting fall of 21, and figured it was a good time to get an octo friend to keep me company while I write my NSF proposal! Anyone have any idea what species he is. I got him off saltwaterfish.com and he was listed as a “pacific brown octopus”. He is apparently from the Philippines.
I have the same species from the same place. I agree with Robyn and am calling it an O. bocki. It’s so super nocturnal that I’ve had a terrible time getting pictures of it!
Yes, how’s it going? Hopefully better for you than me! My male has already passed away, my female was actively hunting hermit crabs for two weeks, then went straight to brooding eggs. I’m thinking this is not the best time of year to get these guys... by the time they’d been here long enough to consider “acclimated” they went directly into senescence. 😓. I never had enough interaction with them to bother with a journal.
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