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New octopus

Nov 14, 2020
Hey guys. I finally pulled the trigger on a small brown pacific octopus. He acclimated to his new tank well and was out for a little the first couple of days. I have quite a bit of live rock in a 30 gallon acrylic tank with a nice lid I built for him. I havent seen him in a few days and I know he's alive because he will pick off hermits and snails from time to time. I get that they hide in the wild but will he eventually warm up and come out or do I need to rethink the tank setup to see him every once in awhile? Any advice would be appreciated.
Congrats on the new octo! Tank pics would be great đź“· ... but generally, from what I've read on here, it's best to not disturb the tank once you've cycled it and the octo has been acclimated, unless absolutely necessary. There are many, many posts on here from octo owners worried about not seeing their octo for a while... the fact that you're seeing signs of feeding is very encouraging.... I would give it time; could take weeks. Looking forward to a journal when s/he comes out!
My pregnant wife went into the kitchen at 3am to get a snack and found him out and hunting. Glad to see him active!
Hi, and congratulations on your new friend! I’ve had the same species- probably O. bocki, and I can tell you that you have a nocturnal species. This is why your wife saw some great action during her 3 AM snack, so you might want to start joining her snack time!

One of the things that we do in order to view our nocturnal octopuses easier is to turn your lights off earlier but add a red light for overnight.

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