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Filtration Opinions


Aug 3, 2007
Hello all and ty for all the prior info that I have gotten. Time to pick your brains again and in need of opinions.. I am preparing for an octo tank. I have my 60 gal long set up with 60lbs live rock, live sand and shells, clean crew of snails, crabs, clams, and a sand star... I have a fluval 304 rated for 70 gal @260 gal flow rate an hour. I was trying to modify a protien skimmer but didnt really like how that is working out so it is pulled. My question is this.. I have read alot of different views on the use of the protien skimmer or a wet/dry filter or a sump. I live in an apartment so space is a bit limited and not even the 304 will fit under the tank as well as looking to stay as inexpensive as possible. If there are other options I am all for them as well.


Hey, Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!! :tongue:
Update: the motor on my fluval has cut out!! So, a quick visit to the store and now I am using a Rena FilStar external canister xp3 rated for up to 175 gal @ 350 gal flow rate per hour. Soooo, same question as previous just different canister filter...
IMO a skimmer is a must on a saltwater system. I mean its not, but it will take a huge chuck of bioload off your system. I would try to get it working, any skimming is better then none. or get a diff one.
I have a 75gall, running now, its only filtration is a 30gal refuge, a skimmer, liverock, and a filter sock, which gets washed weekly..
the main take has about 4" of sand and the fuge about 8" in them. water is fine, i dont run carbon or anything.

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