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Filter off......


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I just got done correcting everyone who's ever kept a saltwater tank almost nightmare! Was getting ready to vacume and went to use an outlet by my 29 flatback hex that has Mr. Jawfish, and a new princess parrotfish in it. Every now and then I feel the Ehimn just to make sure it's pumping. NOTHING!!! Turns out I had watched the kittens playing by the plug on an aircleaner, thought nothing about it at the time, but some how the Filters plug had come out. My daughtor swears it was the kittens :confused: ... Anyway took me about 1/2 hour of taking it apart twice to finally get it going and pumping the way it should be.

Now that is the only filter on that tank. I did just do a major water change about a week ago. Do I now have to worry about an ammonia spike? :?: I have no idea how long the pump was off.

Think I need to think about a backup filter incase it happens again. The tank is not in a very secure place with a 6 year old running around!

I don't think you will have a big deal. The filter for my tank has been left turned off for days at a time with no ill affect.

(My tank is a 125 gal, so that may make a difference)
The aerobic bacteria can start to die off after only one hour of the filter being turned off so it may cause an ammonia spike, i would watch for it very carefully... better give your skimmer a quick clean to make sure it is working 100% effectively and make up some more water for a change just in case!

hopefully all will be well but better be prepared for a spike...
fingers crossed
Thanks Colin....This tank does not have a skimmer on it. Not Ink's tank..

Parrotfish died :frown: . Jawfish looks stressed. Did a 50% waterchange and added a corner bubble filter from Ink's feeder tank as I had two filters running a little 5 gal. feeder tank. Figured the bacteria would be really good. Need to take a sample to my lfs, as my kit is outdated.

Good news is there's not much in that tank, just now Mr. Jaw and a hermitcrab. BAd news is I love my jawfish!!! He's the Dusky I posted pictures of a while back.

Sorry to hear you are having losses :frown:

perhaps adding some sand/gravel from Ink's tank will add some more beneficial bacteria to the other tank and speed things up a bit?

Hope Mr Jawfish is okay
Hey Colin!!!

Mr. Jawfish ATE yesterday!!!! He looked better after I did the waterchange and added the extra filter!!!! Acting normal again!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

That's good... my fingers were getting sore from crossing them now anyway :smile: LOL
I do think we can all uncross our fingers!!! Just got back with some shrimp we caught, put one in, and he zipped out at his lightning speed and ate it!!!! :biggrin2: I do believe the crisis has passed!!!!

Carol :biggrin2:
Yes he is living in a castle!!!! :shock: First time I saw him sticking out of the tower I deffinately did a double take!!! He has the doorway totally surrounded by shells. He's actually about 6 inches long! People don't realize the personality these fish have. Infact, the shop where I bought him thought I was nuts.

Quite a charactor!!! Anyway guess this crisis has passed!!!!


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