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Fiddler Crabs for young abdopus aculeatus?

Jul 24, 2006
My LFS has some smaller fiddler crabs and I would like to purchase a few to feed to my aculeatus. Is there any danger in doing this? The fiddler crabs I saw were females and lacked the large claw. Any input?
How large is the octopus? Fiddlers are often fed to octos. Its what I used to feed mine all the time. If you are worried about the pinchers, you can remove them before throwing it in.
The head of the octo is approximately 1 1/2" - 2" long. The fiddler crabs I would be feeding to him are a little larger than a quarter. What do you think, should I remove the claws?
ive never had a problem with the pinchers before..... they would try to pinch him and he would just break them apart within seconds so it never bothered him

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