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Canister filter media


Jun 11, 2005
hi all--

i'm setting up a 75 gal bimac tank---i live right by monterey bay, so have filled it with ocean water. i bought some equipment used from a guy who had a reef tank, including two fluval 404s. what i'm not sure about is what media i should use. does anyone have specific suggestions?

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

I have a 19 gallon tank with a Fluval 104. All Fluvals have foam prefilters. In addition, I use Bio Max (biological filter media), a polyester filter floss and carbon (I use the 100 gram pouches). Be sure to use the media in the locations within the Fluval as suggested by the manufacturer.

There is probably more room in the 404, so you probably could add additonal filtration.

Hi Jay

Or, if you don't plan on doing large regular water changes you could add phosphate remover to stop an unwanted build up and possible algae problems.

I'd keep a careful eye on using slat water from the sea because as its now in a closed system you can get large die offs of plankton etc that will send the nitrogenous waste levels souring!


Make sure you get your hands on a protein skimmer too.
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