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canister filter brands


Jan 4, 2005

I was just wondering what kind of canister filter folks are using. I'll be using it on a 37 gallon that has mainly relied on protein skimming and live rocks for biological filtration. I would like to add some sort of canister filter, but have never actually used one before. Through all the years, I've always used live rock, a deep sandbed, combined with a low bioload.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Hi! I have always love Eheims. They seem to do really well and you can pack them with carbon also. Only problem is every now and then one of them can fail without noticing until the tank starts to cloud slightly. Anyway, I have had tanks many years run by these and I always go with a filter that is rated for a larger tank than I have.

Just my :twocents: :smile:

Cheap and reliable... go for fluvals but if money was no obstacle then eheim, havnt tried a rainbow tho
my tank is an all eheim set up so far it works great with no problems.
the only thing is my read sea hang on protein skimmer im not working right im not sure what it is. it is for up to 250 gal. i tore it all apart today and cleaned it and put it beck togeather while reading teh instructions very carefully and i still dosent see mto be working right. the cup on top that the bubbles are supposed to flow into is filling up with water then the bubbles start. is that normal or did i now explain my self clearly
any help would be great
I use to use the Fluval on my small tanks, they worked great! Now that I am into the larger ones I am using the red sea fish pharms canisters. They work great and you get to go to the pool shops for new filter elements! Hehehehe I love the look on the clerks face when I tell him what it is for!

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