1. N

    Hello from #42!!!

    Hey guys!!! I picked up a little Algae Octo (abdopus aculeatus) about 10 days ago. He's cute. He's awesome. And most IMPORTANTLY... HE'S EATING! No for real.... I didn't realize how much of a MOM I would be. I look at a baby monitor every night trying to make sure he's alive lol Today I found...
  2. K


    I am so happy I found this website ! I literally just watched my octopus teacher and now I want an octopus 😂 If there are any people here that have octopus in Groningen or the Netherlands , I would love to have a chat and hear your experience of owning a octopus
  3. B

    Hello Everyone!

    This website has helped me so much in my octopus journey, so I made an account! I currently have a Caribbean dwarf octopus named Buddy who’s either O. mercatoris or O. Joubini I hear they get mixed up a lot. Also have a question for the community while I’m hear! Buddy used to be somewhat active...
  4. Rkjyang6


    Hello! I am Robin. I live in Fresno, California. We consider Morro Bay, California, our second home. I grew up in the Bay Area, and my husband grew up in Hawaii, and we maintain close ties there too. We have been exploring the central coast tide pools these past couple of years and have...
  5. metrokat

    New to Cephs: Just got a Mercatoris

    Hi folks. My little guy is sitting in a fish trap in my main tank with hiding places and he had a crab for a midnight snack on his first night home. I am setting up a tank for him but he will stay in the fish trap until then. I click on the Mercatoris tag on this forum and only found 4 threads...
  6. H

    Hi from Vancouver!

    Hi I’m Harry. I’m looking to get a 40 gallon with a Atlantic Pygmy Octopus. I am currently researching their care. The aquariums I currently have are: A 10 gallon Freshwater with a Betta and 2 Ramshorn Snails, a 75 gallon Freshwater with a Red Eared Slider (soon to be moved to a pond) and a 32...
  7. A

    Seeking octopus

    Hey! Been researching and collecting supplies for awhile now and I believe I'm finally ready to start my cephalopod adventure. Only problem is I cant find a bimac for sale! Everyone is sold out and links from a decade ago are no good. Anyone know where I could get one?
  8. Oakes_903

    Introducing myself and my new octo

    My name is Dylan and I finally was able to add a Mimic octo to my tank just a few days ago! Decided to name him Chris lol. Just today I picked up a few mega blocks for him to play with and I came across a baby bottle washing basket for him to crawl through and hang out in. Any tips in general...
  9. E

    I am new!! :)

    Hello. I am researching about having a pet octopus. Starter tips, and the responsibility of having a pet octopus to ensure it has the best life. If any of you have any experiences that might make my life easier they are very welcome. What was your first octopus pet? What is Recomended for a...
  10. Maggie

    Salt water tank book for newbies?

    I don't have a salt water tank and have no knowledge of them. I want very much to learn. 52 Weeks of Reefing series by Bulk Reef Supply was mostly over my head. I picked up Salt Water Tanks for Dummies and it's a great resource. But there is so much to learn I figure another book or two...
  11. Charlo

    How much is enough filtration?

    Hi there, I am in the very beginning stages of my octopus adventure (I do not plan on owning one for another couple of years). As I am researching, I wonder which is the best way to filter an octopus tank. I plan on having a ton of live rock, a sump, a protein skimmer, and a Granular Activated...
  12. TheSquidLord56

    Hello, Im new!

    Hello fellow cephalopods! I'm a kid who loves squids! My favorite squid is Architeuthis dux (might be cliché, but they are awesome). I've stumbled across this site a couple of times while looking up super nerdy squid stuff, but I realize that becoming part if this community could be beneficial...
  13. Edin

    Soon to be Octopus Owner!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I apologize if this is in the wrong section; just finding the New Thread button was quite a journey for me. I've been reading up on octopus care for a little while now and have decided to get one but I still have a few questions I was hoping I could get some help...
  14. octosass

    Hello there! Aspiring ceph researcher

    Hello ceph community! I'm Bridget and am currently an undergraduate researcher in Florida-in the past I assisted in some tortoise ecology and viper phylogenetics; now I'm working on fish population genetics. Besides this, I've been working as a coral farmer recently, so I've been slowly working...
  15. J

    Hello! Any Advice for Aspiring Octopus Researchers?

    Hi, my name is Julia and I just joined today! I am so excited to have found such an awesome place with a plethora of information about my favorite animal :) I am currently an undergrad and was hoping to gather some advice on how to start planning for my future. I am incredibly passionate about...
  16. R

    Starting my journey.. Hopefully. Help?

    So, I'm very new to saltwater aquariums, and I could use a few pointers, considering I'd eventually like to own an octopus once my tank is suitable for my own ceph. The biggest problem is actually finding a reliable source. I recently purchased a 75 gallon tank, and I just want to make sure I...
  17. T

    Hello I'm thinking about getting a Cuttlefish

    Hi my name is Trinkuh i'm a stay at home mom from Ohio. I've own many different odd pets over the year..including my pet turkey who thinks he is a dog...a lap dog XD...i've had a few take over the years but never salt water due to never being able to pick what i would want more lol. I've always...
  18. sir_octopie

    Hello! :)

    Hello, fellow cephalopod lovers! I'm new here! C: (First of all, a humongous thank you to this website and community! It has been beyond helpful so far with my research. Hugs to all of you!:hugs:) I'm an animation student currently attending college. I'm based in the blazing city that might as...
  19. T

    12" or 18" depth, for Dwarves

    I'm hoping to be a newbie to cuttlefish soon. I have a friend at the University of Alberta that is starting to work with these wonderful creatures and he is wanting to trade me hatchlings and eggs for some of my baby mollies (SW born and raised), baby guppies (SW born and raised 2nd Gen.) as...
  20. Mysti

    I finally have an octopus friend!

    Just saying Hi, finally... I'm not a big forums participant which is why I've not posted before now. I just got my very first octopus friend at the beginning of the month and apparently I got Mike from Odyssey Pets in trouble for not posting on here. Mike is one of the greatest people I know...