Hello! Any Advice for Aspiring Octopus Researchers?

Julia Kay

Sep 20, 2017
Hi, my name is Julia and I just joined today! I am so excited to have found such an awesome place with a plethora of information about my favorite animal :smile: I am currently an undergrad and was hoping to gather some advice on how to start planning for my future. I am incredibly passionate about all things behavioral and intelligent. My dream would be to get to spend everyday studying and observing octopus as they explore and learn about their environment. So if anyone has some advice on graduate schools, contacts, good additions for resumes, etc I would very much appreciate it! Thank you!
Thanks so much for making this thread! I'm in the same boat-trying to navigate toward a career studying ceph behavior/intelligence or bioluminescence. Lately, I've also been looking into genetics.

Also, thank you tonmo for the link! I'm pretty excited to see what's here.
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