I finally have an octopus friend!


Feb 3, 2014
Just saying Hi, finally... I'm not a big forums participant which is why I've not posted before now.

I just got my very first octopus friend at the beginning of the month and apparently I got Mike from Odyssey Pets in trouble for not posting on here. Mike is one of the greatest people I know and without him and Chase I'd not have Sir Octavius Spindlius. :smile: So I cannot be getting him into trouble!

Love my octopus! He's so cool! He's also really shy and skittish. (Considering how I am on forums I guess I have that in common with him.) But I'm hoping we'll be good friends. I'll post pictures on the ID my Octopus thread when I find it again... All I know was East Asia from the packaging. And my roommate is itching to know what kind of octopus he is.