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12" or 18" depth, for Dwarves

How Deep should my tank be for S. Bandensis

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Feb 21, 2016
Millet AB Canada (South of Edmonton)
I'm hoping to be a newbie to cuttlefish soon. I have a friend at the University of Alberta that is starting to work with these wonderful creatures and he is wanting to trade me hatchlings and eggs for some of my baby mollies (SW born and raised), baby guppies (SW born and raised 2nd Gen.) as well as some FW Cherry shrimp. I rear all these critters to have food for my Pygmy Red Rooster waspfish, as well as everybody in my 200 gallon appreciates the thrill of the hunt of live food. I'm not a saltwater newbie by far, my fish room currently has 800 gallons in two separate systems.

So regarding my question... I'm redoing my fish room, and I have a 3'x6' foot print that will be freed up. I will be building new tanks and a rack system and was wondering what depth of tank is better for these critters. I've considered building separate tanks, but I think going with one 3'x6' with removable dividers every 2'. This will allow me to re purpose the tank in the future. The increased water volume of the larger tank is negligible as they will be plumbed into my 1000+ gallon system, so the height of the tank is more to cater to behavior and critter comfort.

18" is the greatest depth I'm considering, since the tank is 36" front to back anything deeper will be difficult to work in, in a rack system. But if I should go 24" I can do it, just have to do some redesign.
18 should be just fine!

Thank you for your response, your articles are some of the information that has inspired me to take on this endevour.

As well as thank you for commenting, as all the information I've found is rather vague usually along the lines of "they appreciate the taller tanks" but know one actually mentions measurements. As with Reef Keeping taller usually is a 30" tall tank, though in nano reef world tall would be 16".... and well for me its anywhere in between, as I have tanks as shallow as 6" but then also as deep as 36"

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