Hello there! Aspiring ceph researcher


Jul 20, 2017
Santa Barbara, CA
Hello ceph community!

I'm Bridget and am currently an undergraduate researcher in Florida-in the past I assisted in some tortoise ecology and viper phylogenetics; now I'm working on fish population genetics. Besides this, I've been working as a coral farmer recently, so I've been slowly working my way toward marine organisms.

I'm hoping to study octopus behavior, intelligence, or cephalopod bioluminescence in graduate school, so if anyone has any tips, feel free to share. I've been rooting around the Education and Employment forum, very helpful!

As far as keeping tanks, I've done simple freshwater tanks, aquaponics tanks (one large one with tilapia and plants like brussels sprouts, snapdragon, and basil and a small one with platys and herbs), and one large saltwater tank for coral at work. Sadly, no cephs, but maybe one day I'll keep some.
Welcome to TONMO! Glad you're here. Also be sure to visit our Physiology and Biology forum, and there's some good stuff in our Cephalopod Species (By Family) forums also. Honestly, there's a lot of good stuff everywhere :smile: - our Search feature is your friend! Feel free to respond to any threads, or start new ones. As a 16-year-old forum, we have many dormant threads, and many experts have come and gone, but the value and insights are all there. And a few of us are sometimes successful in summoning back the old-timers for specific insights as appropriate :smile:

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