Aug 20, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
Hello, fellow cephalopod lovers! I'm new here! C:

(First of all, a humongous thank you to this website and community! It has been beyond helpful so far with my research. Hugs to all of you!:hugs:)

I'm an animation student currently attending college. I'm based in the blazing city that might as well be on fire: Phoenix, AZ (our winters are thankfully mild, though :wink:).
I guess I should start by saying that I have a history with both freshwater and saltwater care, however, I've stuck with saltwater for the past 14 years or so. (I can thank my dad and his saltwater aquarium for that.) My first and still current set-up is a 55 gal reef tank, which unfortunately suffered a "tank crash"(?) earlier this year after the heater malfunctioned and basically cooked everything inside (save for a single 11 year old clownfish, who died about three weeks later). Current status of the tank is being cleaned and prepared for cycling. :mrgreen:
So where did my spark of interest for an octopus come from? Well, besides the octopus being my favorite animal, my dad owned a deadly greater blue-ringed octopus when I was little. I even helped him feed it--and by that, I mean I only helped pick out the doomed crab that was to be its meal and nothing else. We knew its venom was extremely lethal, so no hands from anyone were allowed in that tank.
Now I'm an adult, and I've been thinking about getting a little eight-armed friend for myself. (NOT A BLUE-RINGED. My dad even discouraged getting one, and I don't want to care for something that makes me fear for my life. And no exotics.) Since I live in a hotter climate, I've been looking at some of the warm water species. I'd like to avoid getting a chiller if I can and an even higher electric bill. :lol: I'm also still learning and researching about ceph care, and to prepare myself, I've been penciling down (and bookmarking pages that will be noted of later) very detailed notes on everything I come across. From octopus biology, to behavior, to the types of species, to the dos and don'ts of ceph care (even from others' mistakes)! I'm kind of resourceful that way...?
Anyway, I'm in no rush to get started, especially with being in school a lot, and it'll be a while (maybe even a few years) until I feel I'm ready to care for an octopus. I'll try not to be too much of a lurker and ask questions as I continue to take notes and learn. :tentacle:

:eek2: omg i wrote a wall of text i'm so sorry OTL
It appears you may have been bitten by the ceph bug. I suggest that if you go forward sooner rather than later with your octopus adventure you may wish to name it Zika :cephdevil:
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