1. Mating Octopus (Abdopus-aculeatus)

    Mating Octopus (Abdopus-aculeatus)

    Just in time for Valentine's Day 2012, Dr. Roy Caldwell shared some astonishing photos of two mating A. aculeatus. Note that these images are very rare and the quality is high. Photos may not be reused without permission Sea of Love An Abdopus aculeatus male perches on a rock keeping an eye...
  2. A aculeatus female with male 2 Feb 2011 A.jpg

    A aculeatus female with male 2 Feb 2011 A.jpg

    Male Abdopus aculeatus probing a female with his hectocotylus.
  3. Z

    Can anyone help with an ID

    Purchased this "Pacific brown" assorted octopus. This is my second day of owning. I have included pictures in the bag. He hid in the den with the light off all yesterday and last night (read if I left the room dark for a day he would relax more.) He readily took a thawed silver side (ate half...
  4. Owen

    [Octopus]: Meet Owen

    Hello World! Meet Owen. We have had him in his new house since September 6th. He is not a very big octopus, we were told he was an O. Aegina but that was by the fish wholesaler. He seems to be diurnal, he is active throughout the day and seems to put himself to bed when you turn the lights off...
  5. Jenelle

    Possible Brooding Octopus - Need Info!

    Hi Everyone! I'm posting on here again after I received great information months ago on our last Octopus. Our previous one, Octo, never really thrived or are and sadly died after just two months. We got another one some time after. He was bought as a Caribbean octopus. This one has been the...
  6. stevenfolly

    [Octopus]: Ocho - A. Aculeatus Finally received a octopus

    Hello all finally hunted down an octopus. The owner of the fish store told me when asked where the octo was from said it was probably from Atlantic. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you guys for always being a wealth of knowledge and helpful information. Cheers, Steven
  7. Jocco

    [Octopus]: Licik/Misty - A. Aculeatus? - Jocco's Pus

    New octopus came today from Puerto Rico. Inked in the bag - does not like me - or the camera phone. Didn't even get a chance to change the vessel to start acclimating. Freaked me out. Acclimating for about an 1.5hrs now. Did some aquascaping to make room for a critter keeper. Found EVERY...
  8. Mysti

    [Octopus]: Sir Octavius Spindlius - Abdopus Aculeatus

    So I got this little fella, whom I've named Sir Octavius Spindlius, from Odyssey Pets in Dallas TX on October 2nd. Took them a year to find what is supposed to be a pygmy or dwarf octopus since I have a small tank due to apartment living. I think he's (or she if female) the greatest thing ever...
  9. Susan Grosskopf

    [Octopus]: This is Fred - A. Aculeatus

    My new octopus came today and at first I wondered if O. briareus is found in the Pacific. As I was acclimating him to the tank he was very active. Arm to mantle ratio is about 4:1 or 5:1 and there are no rings around his eyes or suckers. When I let him free he went right for the live rock and...
  10. Reggie

    [Octopus]: Arthur - Aculeatus, my first octopus

    I was suggested making a journal of my octopus, so here we go! I'm getting my first octopus in about 2 months as I just got my aquarium up and running. The species isn't confirmed yet, but there is a high chance it'll be a vulgaris (and if it is a vulgaris, it's most likely from Bali according...
  11. A. aculeatus on hatching day

    A. aculeatus on hatching day

  12. A aculeatus brooding

    A aculeatus brooding

    These developing larvae are about 4 days from hatching.
  13. sedna

    [Octopus]: Maurice, A. aculeatus

    Today marks three week that I've had Maurice. The guys from my favorite LFS got him for me, and I feel so lucky to finally have a young aculeatus! I am finding that his behaviors are a lot like Ollie's, in that he is the most reclusive, almost nocturnal aculeatus I've ever had. I'm not even...
  14. Dools

    [Octopus]: Kobe - Abdopus aculeatus

    I ordered a new octo from Live Aquaria which I received on Dec 27th, so I have had him for just over 1 week. I am pretty sure it is an Abdopus aculeatus. He has been interactive and diurnal from Day 1. His mantle is about 2 inches long and his longest arms are 4-5 inches long. He has eaten both...
  15. Neogonodactylus

    Abdopus aculeatus attack behavior 3

    The juvenile Abdopus aculeatus is growing quickly. Roy
  16. TMoct

    [Octopus]: Heidi - A. Aculeatus

    Yesterday I received an Abdopus Aculeatus (I guess?) from LiveAquaria. There has recently been some discussion about Aquatic Connection, so I should mention that I put in an order with them several weeks ago which they never filled (they didn't have any specimens in stock, so took my...
  17. B

    Loki - A. aculeatus

    His name is Loki. I've had him for about two weeks now. I believe he is a macropus. His mantle is about aninch and a half to two inches. I know he's supposed to be nocturnal but he seems to run on his own schedule. He had eaten a handful of fiddler crabs and frozen clam but had no idea what...
  18. G

    [Octopus]: Spider and Cletus - 2 new octos aculeatus mabie??

    made a 7hr drive yesterday to pick up my first octo in person from ny aquitcs but i couldn't decide on one so i got 2. one is very small with a mantle the size of a marble and the other the size of a grape, bolth came from the same distributor as well as the other 2 they had in stock wich all...
  19. Neogonodactylus

    Abdopus aculeatus attack behavior

    It is often difficult to get sharp photographs of octopuses jetting after and/or attacking prey. I got lucky and filmed this small (3 cm mantle length) Abdopus aculeatus attacking a shrimp. The octopus was sitting on a rock, spotted the shrimp, oriented towards it and then jetted after it...
  20. Neogonodactylus

    Juvenile Abdopus aculeatus

    While conducting field research on Lizard Island last month, we found several species of octopus. The most common was Abdopus aculeatus which were common on the reef flats. While breaking up small pieces of rubble to collect stomatopods, I found the smallest A. aculeatus I have ever collected...