1. Roctopus

    Flavor of Tako (+ pics!)

    Hey yall. Longtime lurker here. This is the best site ever! Anyways, I got this pus a week ago. They couldn't tell me where it was from. I'm guessing its an O defilippi. Mantle is about 1 1/4". Longest arms are about 6" and they're real long and spindley. Seems really tame; handfeeding...
  2. D

    Mimius five month anniversary/tank stand

    Well, I apologise for the absence but with the house move and a few family emergencies, I was unable to take the time to post much lately. Mimius's new tank stand is finished. The lighting hood will be made as the new tank cycles. Included is a picture of Mimius with eyes above the water...
  3. D

    Octopus begging for food

    As the title says, I neglected to feed Mimius last night. First thing this morning there he was pacing along the front glass, frantically waving his arms to get my attention. Don't worry he is well fed and getting bigger by the week. Cheers.
  4. D

    Pics of Mimius feeding

    Just a couple of shots of Mimius feeding on thawed shrimp.