1. iAlex

    Durzo - A. aculeatus

    No name yet, I'm working on it. :wink2: I saw a curled third arm during the drip so I am almost positive I have a boy. Very small, mantle the size of a grape, arms just a few inches, you can use the air-line tubing for a reference. :grad: These are the shots I got during acclimation...
  2. O

    New Aculeatus now in hiding

    Hello again! I have a new A. aculeatus (6" mantle and legs) and it arrived May 11th. It is diurnal, and came out twice a day at least. Fed live, and dead fiddlers, and a chunk of raw shrimp, almost every day. Then, four days ago, it did not come out. It has not come out since, at least any time...
  3. CaptFish

    [Octopus]: Spock - A.aculeatus

    So I decided I should start a new journal for this octo and keep it separate from Boni's. This octopus cam from LiveAquaria. it was one of two that i ordered at the same time. One from mexico and one from Indonesian. Neither octo was labeled so I am guessing that this is the Indonesian...
  4. B

    A. aculeatus What species do I have?

    NEW PICTURES 3 posts down. picked him up yesterday, I havent kept one in 15 years or so but have had 5 so far. This one is different than the others i have had. He sends pulses of color change, like he's flashing where as others i've had changed colors and textures quickly but not in waves...
  5. Dools

    Kobayashi - A. aculeatus Worried about New Arrival

    I received an octopus through LiveAquaria this past Tues, 02/07. It is listed as from Indonesia. I was able to give him a small piece of shrimp right out of the bag, but he (not sure of the sex) has not eaten since. Today I tried a few live feeder shrimp and he caught one and I thought ate it...
  6. B

    BORA - A. aculeatus

    hey tonmo this is Bora ive had her for almost three months and am just getting around to posting here. her mantel is about 2 inches and her tentacles are around 8 inches. when i got her she only had five tentacles, so i thought she was going to pass pretty soon but next thing i know i start to...
  7. R

    My A. Aculeatus

    Im new to ceph's but have been reefing for ten years. I picked up this beauty at one of the LFS in my area. He/she is in a 24x24x18 cube, with a sump and refugium, I use a vertex IN 80 skimmer as well. Total water volume is about 75 gallons. Here are two vids of it (first is at LFS before I...
  8. mucktopus

    Abdopus aculeatus ethogram

    Given the number of questions about A. aculeatus body patterning and behavior, I looked into posting a paper describing its basic natural history and body patterning. Turns out the journal policy seems ok with this. Hope this is useful! They do specify though that the citation be listed...
  9. marvel09

    Abdopus aculeatus

    Hello all, this is my first time posting here though I've been looking at many threads to help learn more about cephalopods and cephalopod care. I'm very interested in getting an Abdopus aculeatus, I'm actually doing a research project on their ability to discriminate between colors. I have...
  10. O

    Cowpie - A.aculeatus

    :octorun: Hello Everyone! I am a new caretaker for my first abdophus octopus. He/she arrived on Tues. from Drs F & S. I have him in a 34 gal tank, and today he ate a ginormous crab. I am including some pics, and if someone ID's him as something else, please let me know. This is truly an...
  11. reverhart

    Heinrich - A. aculeatus

    First Post, my wife and I just got Heini a week ago, he is not shy, and has become accustomed to his new tank pretty quick--the 240 gallon tank is all his(or hers) with a few tank mates Haven't kept an octopus in 8 years-- and I've missed it last one laid eggs and died--it was pretty big with a...
  12. tat2spyder

    squishy- abdopus ???

    ordered her from live aquaria on sunday. they shipped her from california yesterday.and i picked her up from the fedex office at 8:30. when i got her to the shop and opened up the bag i was supprised at how small she was?her mantle is about the size of a grape, legs about 5 or 6 inces. i was...
  13. A. aculeatus eye

    A. aculeatus eye

    The shape and color of the eyes of Abdopus aculeatus are distinctive but you usually cannot see the individual chromatophores that that form the red edge.
  14. R

    Pulpopus - A. aculeatus

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I got this guy from my LFS. I ordered it on saturday and it came today !!! All they could tell me is that is not a blue ring and that it comes from somewhere around central Pacific. It's body is about grape size and the arms are about 4" to 5" long. It's been...
  15. F

    Aculeatus Hatchlings

    We have found three of them so far. I had not made plans to try raising them, but we have caught three so far. I wish a breeder was close enough to come get some and give them a shot.
  16. S


    After about four months of preparation an octopus has arrived this morning. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice in the "Greetings!" thread; you were all a great help. I've named him/her Grendel, because I don't know what it is but I do know it scares my girlfriend to death. Such a little...
  17. K

    help please

    as some of you may know i attempted to keep a merc. not too long ago but the little buy did not work out too good. i ordered another merc at work about 2 weeks ago and he finally came im today.i brought the box home about an hour ago to start acclimating him but im thinking this is not a merc...
  18. sedna

    The Once-ler

    It's been a week now and things are still looking good, so I'm starting a journal for the Once-ler. I'm not sure if it is male or female, but I'm sure it'd look smashing in a thneed and if it wasn't already real Dr. Suess would have imagined it... I finally decided to measure some fixed things...
  19. I

    Here are the Pix of my new OCTO

    Ok, here they are these are pix of my new Octo and Pictures of the tank. Hope you like them. I think he is Briareus.
  20. M

    Octopus Pictures

    Just some pictures of my octopus doing what an octopus does.