Juvenile Abdopus aculeatus


Haliphron Atlanticus
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Mar 17, 2003
While conducting field research on Lizard Island last month, we found several species of octopus. The most common was Abdopus aculeatus which were common on the reef flats. While breaking up small pieces of rubble to collect stomatopods, I found the smallest A. aculeatus I have ever collected. It had a mantle length of about 5 mm and an arm span of about 25 mm. I brought it back to Berkeley and it is growing rapidly. Even at this small size the species is really easy to identify due to the "star" pattern around the eyes. See attached image.



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It is Northern California coastal shale sand. Normally it looks grey, but in extreme close-ups the individual grains are multi-colored. I use it in my macro shots because it doesn't add particulates to the water.

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