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zebra octopus


Aug 12, 2004
does anyone have any info on a zebra octopus? the LFS i work at had on pop up on a wholesale list. i assume they have a short life span like other octos, but any info on tank size, etc. would be great. thanks
the closest thing i could find was a wonderpus which is undescribed. any idea why they are undescribed? so i guess, anyone have any info on wonderpus care?
did a search and all i found was stuff questioning the id of a certain octo, nothing on care. is there anyone out there who can help me?
Zebra octos could possibly be mimic octopus or a wonderpus, its not reccomended that you try keeping them as very little about them is known. They also don't show much of their wonderful displays in home aquaria.
This doesn't help, but a couple of nights ago I saw a picture somewhere on the web of a caribean species that looked like someone might call it a zebra octopus.
When an animal comes into the wholesalers, they don't do too much research...hence, a black and white octo would just be called a "zebra" without knowing the species...it could be one of a myriad...sorry !
ok, so without knowing anything about it i am at a crossroads. do i order it and with the help of everyone here, try to learn as much about it as possible for the sake of science? or risk someone else getting it who has no idea of what they are doing?
Well, the critter is bound to die no matter what...the chances of it still being in stock now are slim to none, but they may get in more. The turnover rate at a wholesalers is staggering, most fish and animals are in their tanks for less than a day, before being shipped out...
If you want a good octo to keep and watch, I would go with the bimac also...
bimacs are cool, dont get me wrong. i'm studying cephs now in college and the prospect of something alittle more exotic is very appealing. i tend to have a soft spot for cool and unusual things since i feel i can take care of them better than the average person
Bimacs were unusual until just a few years ago, and we are still finding out more and more about them...
But, they were kept when everyone said they couldn't be ,also...so I guess you have to follow your inner voice on this one...let us know how it goes!
i get that species on importers lists from Bali all the time... It is most probably mimic but possibly wunderpus.

I cant recomend importing them they seem to be poor travellers and not ideal for aquariums due to their needs of deep sandy substrates etc.

Also most individuals i have seen imported are adults with perhaps weeks to live.. shame

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