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Filming a Blue Ringed Octopus in the UK?

Feb 12, 2020
Bristol, UK
Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well amidst the CV-19 pandemic. I am working on a cinematic wildlife series and we are looking to film a sequence on chromatophores (later in the year).

We feel a Blue ringed would be great species to demonstrate the elaborate nervous system of Cephalopods. We were originally hoping to film this in the wild in Australia but due to CV-19 are looking to potentially do some tank filming, it would also help us really get them beautiful macro shots.

Does anyone know whether any aquariums have Blue Ringed, or perhaps an individual owners? Ideally in the UK, but am unsure on the UK exotic Octopus laws.

Thanks in advance for your help guys :smile:
Hi @octopus_stace, thanks for joining! I am not aware of any blue ring keepers currently, outside of @Neogonodactylus (Dr. Roy Caldwell), who might be studying one in his lab -- I'm not sure.

There is a UK-focused Facebook group which may have insights; but this is more for spotting cephs in the wild: UK cephalopod reports | Facebook.

Last but not least, as you surely know, these are highly venomous creatures and we do not encourage ownership. This forum is visible to members only (not guests, or search engines), for the reason that we do not want to encourage / exploit ownership. However, if someone does happen to own one, we have this forum so that we can provide whatever support might be needed.

Good luck and let us know how your project goes!
Thank you for your reply. Yes fully understood these are a very toxic species, and we wouldn't want to encourage ownership or promote any unethical treatment of. any species. We do quite thorough background and animal ethic checks before any filming is done.

Wish you were in the US!

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