blue ring

  1. alphaceph

    Blue Ring Octopus Tank (Hapalochlaena)

    Bought two blue-ringed octopuses 2 days ago. I have 125 liter reef tank& Over-spec bubble magus curve A9 skimmer, live rock, BioGro bacteria supplement every week etc. Currently water quality is as follows: pH ~8,1, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite ~0,05-0,1 ppm (increased after introduction of octopuses)...
  2. Hl female undergoing senescence.jpg

    Hl female undergoing senescence.jpg

    Nearly a month after laying her clutch of eggs, they are ready to hatch, but at what cost to mom. She has not eaten for a month and her skin is literally falling apart. Notice also also the bluish haze in the lens of her eye - a sure sign that senescence is well under way. Her eggs will hatch...
  3. O

    Filming a Blue Ringed Octopus in the UK?

    Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is doing well amidst the CV-19 pandemic. I am working on a cinematic wildlife series and we are looking to film a sequence on chromatophores (later in the year). We feel a Blue ringed would be great species to demonstrate the elaborate nervous system of...
  4. O

    Blue Ring Octopus

    Hallo everyone! I'm from china. I was a accidental discovery that i found this place. I want to share my octopus. I feed it for two mouth.
  5. H lunulata male mounting 8 8 14 a med rlc.jpg

    H lunulata male mounting 8 8 14 a med rlc.jpg

    Male Hapalochlaena lunulata mounting a female. As sexual contact occurs the male usually assumes a lighter background color than the female.
  6. H lunulata approach 4 17 2018.jpg

    H lunulata approach 4 17 2018.jpg

    A more difficult shot capturing the blue-ring jetting head on.
  7. blue-ring jetting 4 17 2017.jpg

    blue-ring jetting 4 17 2017.jpg

    A female Hapalochlaena lunulata jetting. I've posted several of these shots but each is a bit different.
  8. Neogonodactylus

    Visual Displays by Hapalochlaena lunulata

    The electric blue rings flashed by a startled Greater Blue-ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena lunulata) are easily photographed and are the visual displays that most of us identify with this species. However, their visual display repertoire is actually much richer than that. From time to time I...
  9. Neogonodactylus

    [Octopus]: Blue-ring Brooding

    I received a pair of H. lunulata from the Philippines two wees ago. I tried mating them shortly after they arrived and they would have nothing to doe with one another. I separated them and later in the day noticed that the female was holding eggs. When I photographed her, the eggs were...
  10. Neogonodactylus

    Nasty Blue-ring

    There are currently four described species of blue-ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena). Norman in his book "Cephlapods: A World Guide" figures five additional undescribed species and I've seen a couple of others. While all blue-ringed species that have been examined appear to have TTX, species and...
  11. O

    blue ring???

    i just purchased a blue ring octopus....WOW... this thing puts on quite the display. i just got him today and put 3 fiddler crabs in the tank. he instantly went on the hunt and killed all three and ate one... lol. oh well he is in my reef tank..10gal. with many corals i felt that this would be...
  12. Anders Runholm

    Blue ring experiences?

    I've just acclimatized my new, two inch maculosa and got really surprised when it almost instantly found and killed a small mantis shrimp in the live rock. Does anyone have any useful blue ring hints and tpis that I might have missed out on? Yes, I am aware of the potential danger of keeping...