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New to the tonmo I'm going to be owning a southern blue ring soon


Mar 29, 2021
Manchester uk
Hi any help information would be really appreciated I've got a southern blue ring coming in 3 months , got a 85ltr tank on cycle with a eheim ecco pro 130 external dry wet filter pump system and a internal heater that will be covered I've secored the top and is completely escape prove I'm just wondering do I need anything else like a protein skimmer , power head or anything else, I own venomous snake so the risk of owning one I already know about Don't get bit simple haga .

Do you get algae problems if so how can you treat it also tank mates I've read alot and researched as much as I can but you can't beat information and help from someone that has experience with these this is my setup in picture thanks also best decore to use thanks

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