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yeah!!! (new octo)


Apr 24, 2006
i got another octo 2 days ago!!! im not sure what species he is, but the tag on the tank where i bought him said vulgaris but thats what every fish supplier says they are. Hes pretty small with a mantle the size of a ping pong ball and legs that are about 4-5 inches fully extented. Hes very active and eating already but he acts alot different than cujo (my last octo r.i.p.).... this acto likes to sit funny , like he tries to be as tall as he can by usin his legs .... kinda like this


i just thought it was wierd cause ive never seen any octos do that for long periods of time. His eyes are not flush with his mantle they are on large tube like things comming off his head about a quarter inch.... he has a eye spot but it doesnt look blue it just looks like the rest of his body.... any idea on what species he is? Ill have pics soon...
Congratulations and welcome to your new octopus. It will be easier to attempt an identification with some photos, but I like your drawing!
Have you given your new octo pet a name yet? I'd like to add him to the List of Our Octopuses.

i have some pics of him but i cant find my usb cable to upload them to my computer.... ill get some soon. And no i havnt found a name yet, im waiting to see how he acts when he gets use to me. Then ill name him
The "tall" behaviour is very common in several species. The most likely species being sold right now is Abdopus aculeatus. Males often use this posture. Have you seen one or two brown stripes when it does this?

So any more info on this species? Do they have eyespots? When I googled them it says they are from either Indonisia or Australia? Is this a dwarf species? I too noticed the red coloration on the one I am supposed to pick up tomorrow. Do vulgaris have eyespots?
he has eyespots which are brownish-grey in color. He also sometimes has a very pronounced light colored stripe that runs across the middle of his mantle and so on. But this is not his usual color.

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