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New Octo Advice Needed

Quick Update and question

Jelly O. Is doing great. Eats a ton, basically, whenever offered. Hes eating a lot of frozen shrimp. I need to get more frozen scallops too.

He has dug out under a rock and peaks out.

When I feed him I do a little tug o war, which he always wins. His arms seem about 10 inches long. They are fairly thing (from what I imagine)

From what I see he never comes out of his Den. The entrance (there are 2 entrances) was a little caked up and blocked and now he seemed to clear it out again so its open. But I have never seen him out and the webcam hasn't ever caught him 'exploring'

Is there something i can do to entice him out or make him want to come explore? Maybe something I can out in the tank to make him want to come see?

I have had him 7 weeks, can he still be a juvenile and not yet ready to come out much?

@DWhatley @tonmo @sedna
I would expect to start seeing him out in the next month or so. Each animal is different but he was clearly very young in your original photo. You might try holding his food out a bit further to see if he will venture out a little more.
Hello, just going to put my thoughts here, I think maybe the octopus is still trying to find some hiding spots to relocate itself. Mine sometimes switch rocks to hide in, my tank is fairly small hence mine is mostly just wandering the tank and sometimes it also swims up to me to get frozen shrimp. Maybe just wait a bit?
Well I fed him the other day and he came all the way out if the rock to chase the shrimp. His back legs were still leading back down into his hole, presumably holding on.

I didnt get to record it but the next day we tried again. He almost came out. He was partially out then I think I moved the stick too fast and he got scared and went back in. The video is attached.

Should I maybe put something in the tank near his hole to try to intrigue him?
Ah! Still! Thank you!!!

When we hold the stick he USUALLY comes out within 30 seconds. Occassionally he gets nervous if we give a little tug battle and then he wont come back out or takes a while to come back.
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