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Will my octopus still thrive on shrimp?


Pygmy Octopus
Mar 11, 2005
The local pet shop near me has just closed with no notice. I was going to get crab since my octo is still small I've been feeding him the baby clams, frozen shrimp (thawed), and occasionally a freshwater crawdad. Will he be able to live on the shrimp alone later since I will not be able to go and get bigger crabs every week for him? I read the forums here on the feeding, but I do not want to spend a TON of money at walmart on their live stuff since that is one other place I can get a few crab, lobster, and so on now and then.
You might want to check out your local ethnic market area...quite often the fishmongers have small crabs that come in with their normal shipment, and most are just thrown away...depending on where you are located, I am sure you can find something nearby to supplement the shrimp and clams...good hunting !
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