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What would I feed my pygmy?


Blue Ring
Jul 14, 2007
I recently bought an octopus from my local pet store I'm unsure that it's a pygmy but I figured it was a baby because of it's size but anyway I was curious on what I would be feeding it the pet store was feeding it crayfish and $10 crabs what if I continued to feed it crayfish? and if I can't feed it those then would I really have to buy $10 crabs for it to eat? Or is there an alternative?
What size is it? Small crabs, hermits, shrimp, amphipods and thumbnail clams all work well, but as a rule of thumb, you probably don't want to try prey that are more than 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the mantle.

Are you near the ocean? You might be able to collect some food locally or find suitable food in bait shops. Send a message to corw314 - she is in New Jersey and collects some of her own food. As Neogonodactylus says, pay attention to the food size.

You can also order fiddler crabs from several locations.
One that is often used is this:
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Ask that some small crabs be included in your order.

Sometimes small hermit crabs and snails are available online.

You can try a small piece of thawed frozen shrimp to see whether your little octopus will accept it.

In a way, it's both, but fiddler crabs, for instance, live in brackish water.

From Wikapedia:
Since the bay is an estuary, it has fresh water and brackish water. Brackish water has 3 salinity zones, oligohaline, mesohaline, and polyhaline. The salinity is measured on parts per thousands (ppt). The fresh water zone runs from the mouth of the Susquehanna River to north Baltimore. The oligohaline zone has very little salt. Salinity varies from 0.5ppt-10ppt and freshwater species can survive there. The north end of the oligohaline zone is north Baltimore and the south end is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The mesohaline zone has a medium amount of salt and runs from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Rapahannock River. the salinity ranges from 10.7ppt-18ppt. The polyhaline zone is the saltiest zone and some of the water can be as salty as sea water. It runs from the mouth of the Rappahannock River to the mouth of the bay. The salinity ranges from 18.7ppt-36ppt. 36ppt is as salty as the ocean.

Is the cleaner shrimp perhaps too large for him? How big was his last meal? Do you have amphipods? Could he be eating amphipods?

Shrimp can also move pretty quickly. Mr. Octopus has never been able to catch his tankmate, but it is very amusing to watch him try when he gets hungry enough!
crocgurl93;99801 said:
I'm only like 20 minutes or less away from the Chesapeake

I meant, near the north, near Baltimore, or near the mouth of the Susquehanna? Farther south, such as near Chesapeake Beach? Closer to Solomon'a Island? Maybe as far south as Ridge or Point Lookout? Or are you on the Eastern Shore? The live food that you can catch will differ.
Ohhhh I'm in solomons and the cleaner shrimp came in dead at the pet store so I didn't have to pay as much as I would I only payed like half or less

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