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What kind of filters does everyone use?

Mike D

Pygmy Octopus
Aug 1, 2004
i am looking into getting an octo but. through my reading sites an stuff and people helping me out on this site it has come to my atention that the filter that i have will not work for an octo becuase i cannot seal around it :cry: ..

Right now i have an Emporeur(sp) 400 with the dual bio wheels.. so it is almost impossible to make a seal so i think i am going to use that one to filter my feeder tank..

But my real question is what kind of filter do you people use? what should i look for in a filter? how many will i need? i was thinking about using a Fluval 404 which is rated for a 100 gallon tank and filters 340 gph...

Also my tank is a 75 Gallon..
Hi Mike,

A lot of us use a sump with a wet/dry filter. We also use protein skimmers.

If you use hang-on equipment or equipment that sits outside of your tank but depends on tubes to carry the water, you'll find it hard to make a top that fits exactly.

I had that problem recently with my 19 gallon tank. My husband cut a piece of acrylic with little holes for all the cords and tubes (but acrylic does warp) and we planned to use duct tape, allowing some areas for ventilation.

But it was a bother and since we needed to get into the tank area frequently, we saw that we would have to try something else, like a two- part lid, one part lifting up.

Maybe other Ceph Care readers have some other options to offer.

the reason i brought up the Fluval is becuase it only has a tube that hangs in the cage.. so it will be pretty easy to seal around becuae i can cut out either a circle or half circle that fits around the one tube...

I was going to do a sump but the bottom of my tankc annot be drilled.. it said it on the side of teh tank when i bought it and i asked the store i bought it from when i was there today and they said they wouldnt do that..
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Anyway... back to our regularly scheduled tank setup and maintenance discussion...
I am in the joyous position of not having any filtration at all on my Octo tanks, which is considerablt cheaper and a lot less hassle! I work in a nice big fish quarentine shed and pump water straight from the sea (through an Iron filter first) and then out the other side of the tank again! YAY

Anyway, I think that you really do need a skimmer, Octo's produce a massive amount of waste (messy buggers) and will need something to take this waste out. You can make home made skimmers, I tried it once and it worked pretty well but not sure where the plans are for that, i'll look them out!

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