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Octoproofing an overflow


Apr 29, 2021
I just received my 65 gallon Uniqarium from Clear for Life and I am very excited to turn it into a paradise for a bimac.
It actually looks to be a very good fit for an octopus. Once I lay down some bricks on the lid and surround all openings with astroturf the only possible route is through the filter overflow.

What kinds of measures have others taken? I was planning to silicone a mesh to it but

1):I would love to have it be swappable for cleaning and
2): I would like to have the coarsest mesh I can to not impede flow too much but I don't want my friend to get stuck in the filter.

Would it work to put a course filter pad between the mesh and the outflow I could dispose of regularly?
This is exciting! It is always fun to prepare for a new octo.

Can you send some photos of your specific setup? It sounds like what you are describing will work but I'll be able to give more pointed advice after seeing an image or two.
You can zip tie mesh to it through the slots. like what u would use to fix a window screen. They have it at Lowe’s or Home Depot. But if your thinking of a Bimac they usually aren’t small enough to fit through unless you get a baby!
Congratulations! I just octoproofed for my bimac. I made the lid out of plexiglass with pieces on the edges so it can’t slide side to side. I also have velcro strips holding it down and I place a weight on top. For the overflow i added coarse sponge to block the weirs and cut them high enough so that they reach the lid and kind of seal off the overflow all together. I’m planning on adding mesh with zipties like @Tomh said but haven’t done it yet.
So this is what I've done, thoughts?


After filling it I noticed this additional gap between the filter and the lid, it's about an eighth of an inch. Could I just stuff this with the mesh filter floss?
As long as the white plastic part is secured against the back of the tank I think this setup should work just fine for you. It wouldn't hurt to add additional filter media to prevent the animal from climbing over the top of the barrier.

Just to make sure I'm imagining this correctly, this is a view from the back side of the tank, correct?
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