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Well, finally ready to get my octo


Jan 1, 2004
Opinions... Buy a "Common octopus" from a lsf or Bimac from Fishsupply.com? Id like to get the Common because hes relativly small and seems to be of a young age. Also id like to get him/her fast so thats another reason.
Well, ant, it's been a long time!

What is a common octopus? Sometimes that's a term used for O. vulgaris, which is a sizeable octopus. Better go with a species you're sure about - get a bimac!

Yeah i was thinking that too. I guess ill stick with fishsupply since the species is undefined. Thanks :smile:


I read something about air diffusers. Where would i put them? Sump or in the main tank.
If you have a tank with sump, skimmer ect (ie all set up) you wont need an air diffuser. I take it you mean the air bibbler things in freshwater aquariums? Bubbles are generally bad for marine setups - they can create scum on the surface and I think they can kill some animals (not sure on that one).

What type of skimmer do you have? An airstone skimmer uses a wooden air diffuser to create bubbles, and has to be replaced every month or so , as it will become blocked.

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