::waves:: Hello there!


May 22, 2005
Hello all, my name is Krissy, and I'm an octo-maniac who, for living in Florida, is very disappointed that she's in school and doesn't have the commitment to keep up with her own octo.

But I am an avid collecter of anything and everything octo (especially plushies) and look forward to finally saving enough for that tattoo. :wink2:

In any case, IM me if you'd like to chat, I'm always in the mood to talk. Unisisofthe4D. And no time's a bad time. :grin:
:welcome: to Tonmo...where most of us have plush stuff too !! ( had a plush cthulhu on the altar at the wedding )

Hi Krissy,

Welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

There's lots to read and see on the site, even if you don't keep an octopus. Yes, even many of the octo keepers have plushies, so you'll fit right in!

Welcome to Tonmo! I'm fairly new too, and having a great time reading old threads. It's probable that the only cephs I'll ever have are plushies, but that's ok.

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