New from Ohio


Aug 1, 2023
Hi! This forum repeatedly came up on Reddit and was highly recommended, so I jumped over and it looks like a great place for me to continue learning. I've enjoyed cephalopods since I was a child, but pretty recently I've been spending a good amount of time learning more about them. I've read several books, documentaries, and follow a couple octopus owners on YouTube. Octopuses are pretty much all I talk about lately. Goal is to eventually have a tank, but try to get involved in some sort of "accidental shipping" rescue that seems to happen with some regularity. This is several years out though. I only have experience with freshwater tanks and other commitments take too much of my time at the moment. I'm thinking I'll keep absorbing information and then set up a tank in a year or two. After that I imagine I'll want to spend a similar amount of time getting comfortable with the required care, maintenance, and the time commitment that all involves before we attempt to bring an octopus into our home. I'm super excited to be here and am looking forward to learning from you all!
Awesome, thanks for joining our community! Plenty here for you to research toward your goal -- be sure to try our Search feature; there's tons of journals and info to be had from our membership over the years!

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