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Very strange indeed....

Maybe, but they have certain criteria, if you read the whole paper.
It something you could look into. Also, find out what the general rules are for fishing and for taking octos. There must be regulations and limits that govern your whole area.

The only limits are for day and night octo's. They're supposed to be a pound. I think because they're considered game fish we're not supposed to take them as pets, but I don't really see a difference in taking one for food vs. taking one as a pet.

Where abouts is this cove and have you found any good green macro-algea for your tank? I haven't found any plants yet that look good in my tank.
Well, macroalgaes are somewhat hard to keep...depending on the species...do you have "caulerpa" there? That one is fairly hardy...
Typically, caulerpa looks like a fern or an edged blade grass... it should be fairly common there...
Nooo I dont think so. The algae I have is kinda maroon and a green bush thing. Kinda the same plant only different colors and the maroon ones have leaves that drop all over the place. :P
All those dead leaves could be one of the reasons that tank crashed so badly?

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