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update to my octo is hiding


Sep 30, 2003
wqell, i just figured i would post an update as of last week she quit eating, i tried to drop the food into the den thinking maybe she will eat it later, she pushed it out with one of her arms, today i got my first look at her (aside from a single arm) in almost a month, doesnt look good, shes a kinda gray purpleish color (kinda like a bruse) her eye lenses seem to be gray as well and appear to be bulging from the actual eyes, she no longer changes the slit over her eye either (as if not able to focus) and the strangest thing of all is the fact the the arms look smaller, not like they have follen off but more like they shrunk

doesnt look good, i fear the end is near :cry:

will she leave the den to die or will she die in the den (in which case i would have to get her out)?
No, this doesn't look good for your octopus.

Many octos leave the den just before they pass away, but not all.

Sorry that your octo is in this state.

well... as of this morning my octo passed away, not that it was unexpected :(

i looked in the den expecting to find eggs but found nothing, when i found the octo one of the small serpent stars was eating one of its arms, is it possible the star might have eaten the eggs?? :evil:
i found it at a pet store about 5 months ago, so i had a while to get aquanted

im currently in search of a cuttle fish but if i cant locate one reasonably soon then im going to order a baby bimac
there were no shrimp nor crabs only stars, 2 small serpent stars and on large green brittle star, i removed the large green one fearing it would hurt the octo in its weak state, for some reason i didnt even think about the smaller serpent stars eating the eggs at the time
i am currently searching for a cuttle, but i think thats going to turn up no results in which case i will probably order a baby bimac

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