[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Trying yet again at Daisy Hill

I haven't tried frozen foods yet, as they aren't even an inch. Usually I wait till they are on bait shrimp to move to frozen because small frozen food, the right size, is hard to come by.

These guys will be moving to an 18 gallon high soon because I am getting more eggs this week. I plan to raise them for a month or so and then sell them.
I got a shipment of eggs, so I moved these guys to a different tank and fed them live shore shrimp for a few days. Then I was feeding their neighbors the bangaiis PE mysids and decided to throw a few in with the cuttles. Bang! They ate them. :biggrin2: I got just about all of them to take them, but I did have to blow some around with a baster to get them to strike. Yay!
I have about 70 eggs right now. The plan will be to either sell the 14 I have when the eggs hatch, or raise the eggs for a month or so and then sell them.
Got them all to take frozen shrimp by using an old school feeding stick - rigid airline tubing with a stiff fishing line.

Some of the eggs have started to hatch. :biggrin2:

A couple more striking pics.

Here is a pic of a cuttle with a shrimp in its skirt just after striking, and a pic of the first signs of male display (the male is on the bottom)
Thanks guys!

People don't seem to realize how small hatchling bandensis actually are, so I took this pic to help illustrate their super smallness: