[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Trying yet again at Daisy Hill

Not only minimal but red light. The view finder only shows pixilated red and black with absolutely no definition, I have to manually point the camera (by aiming the lens not using the view finder or LCD screen then find a rough landmark in the blur). I do occassionally get a focused picture but last night it just would not cooperate!
That cuttle does look like a mature bandensis! Pretty neat I think. I'll try to get a shot of it from a distance for comparison sake. :smile:

One of the secrets to quality in aquarium photography is quantity! Just the way it is. :biggrin2:
Flashes bring their own host of issues, one of the most important is white balance. Sadly, with many all in one cameras, your ability to tweak those settings is limited and you end up with not so great results. FWIW, I use a remote flash so I get yummy, dramatic, non reflective results and I can also move the flash further away to change the intensity. I adjust white balance with a nifty thing called an expodisc. Basically, you take a picture through the expodisc (its like a lens filter) and then set white balance to that picture. The bestest advantage to a DSLR IMO is the ability to shoot in RAW. RAW allows easy tweaks to things like exposure and shadow quality - really pretty amazing.
Well, that was blathering! It just nice to ramble at a non sick little girl (guess what I have been doing the last two days!)
Yep - on the front arms :smile: . The ones that had it still have it. I am pretty sure its a rubbing injury, and since they are 'old' they don't heal like they used to.
Sill going stong with 15 cuttles. I separated 4 runts, so they should catch up soon.

Here is a shot with the tentacles shooting for a mysid (not the best shot) and a shot of a baby with a large shrimp.

How old are these guys? If the age difference is not that great, perhaps when they are older, we can swap some to ensure a good female ratio mix. Not that I know the sexes of my current batch...Yet..
Nice pics!

Rich, are you using only one remote flash and with the camera flash turned off? Is the remote flash to the side or on top?


One remote flash that is triggered by the onboard flash in what is called 'commander' mode. I believe the onboard doesn't actually light the subject. The remote flash moves around depending on where I need it - camera in one hard flash in the other. Did you get my mail btw?
Thales;110147 said:
They were born the beginning of december and are happily eating shore shrimp at this time.

Some of mine are past 2 inches and Im thinking of putting them in the Display soon, even though the adult bandensis is in there. Ive mixed batches before without problems. Im hoping that wasnt a fluke.

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