[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Here we go...

Been following your thread, I purchased 6 eggs 3 weeks ago, all 6 hatched and all six are still alive, I've been feeding mine mostly brine shrimp with occasional mysis but struggle to keep mysis alive long enough, I open brine shrimp in to tub and add phytoplankton to feed them up and add them at lights out every night
Thanks for the input. Mine wouldn't eat any of the copepods, amphipods, or adult brine that I placed in there, and by the time the mysis shrimp arrived they were all dead. I was going to give it another go about a week or so ago, but I ended up spending the money I had for more cuttles and a new aquarium light on a kitten for my son. We're also in the process of renovating our backyard, but when things settle down I'll give it another go. I haven't given up hope just yet. :wink:
It took forever, but I finally got a clear image of both my cat and my son's kitten.
I think I used to be a member way back when, but I took an extended leave of absence from this forum. I guess I lost my member status. To be honest I'm not sure how much time I will be spending on this forum over the next few years. I'm about to start my BS/MS program this fall.

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