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Jul 13, 2008
Livonia, MI
New family member! Yes,as Star Trek fans will recognize, he’s named for the ultimate test of skills- the ultimate “no- win scenario” which is basically what keeping octopuses is!

It’s my first purchase from Foxy Saltwater Tropicals, and I’m very pleased with the entire experience! He came well packaged- in a plastic container inside of the standard bag of water. Ordering was easy, UPS overnight came through with no issues- I’m super happy with the company as a whole.

I received him on 11-18, I happened to be at work all day- which means John and Elise basically did all the work of acclimation- after this many years of watching me, they were at it like pros! Yashi is happily taking shrimp from a skewer, and he was out in the morning sunshine today!


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Yashi seems to like to bask in the sunshine, between up until 9:30ish- I was able to get some more shots today. Most of my octopuses have chosen this spot tucked into a hole in a beautiful piece of live rock- it’s perfectly positioned to offer a view of the entire room, but has a cavernous interior where an octo can stay hidden during the day.

He’s regularly stick feeding for me. I gave him a dozen hermit crabs, but he’s ignoring them so- no doubt because I’m offering tastier choices!


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I’m seeing more of Yashi out in the morning- here’s a shot of him checking me out. As the lights slowly ramped up, he slid down into the rock, somehow tucking his entire body into the rock so as to be completely unssen. 🤣.

He does also come out in the evening once the room is dark and the tv is the only source of light. He’s usually perched on something easy to retreat behind, watching the room but not cruising the glass yet.


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Yashi was out a lot today, but I didn’t have a lot of time to post. I can tell that he’s becoming more comfortable in his new home because he’s beginning to nap in plain sight.


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Photo shoot!


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Yashi has passed that two and a half week mark, when the majority of the adult briareus I’ve had seem to decide it’s time to be social. I’ve been spending lots of time in the mornings sitting near the tank, and have moved my workouts to in front of the tank- the regular activity gets him used to me- and maybe interested in what’s going on.

I was STOKED to get this video- I love it when they do this! Yashi is growing friendlier, displaying when he wants to be fed and spending more time cruising the glass. I’m in love! 😍

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