[Octopus]: Kobayashi Maru

I'm so proud to be able to share this article with you all- though there are many contributors from TONMO! I was interviewed as an octopus keeper- my story is near the end. I'm excited to see that my story is featured along with interviews among so many renowned scientists and researchers!

Yes- we hobbyists can make a positive impact when we share our experiences! Thanks to Tony for providing us with this amazing platform!!!

Elizabeth Nitz, aka Sedna@ TONMO

Can We Really Be Friends with an Octopus? | Hakai Magazine
I was busier than usual over the holidays and through the new year, and so not posting often , but everything with Yashi is going well!

We are coming to learn that he is a rather shy Octopus, mostly waiting till it’s dark before he comes out to play. Like all of the Octopuses I’ve had so far, he is enamored with the television and enjoyed our nightly Star Trek binges. He seems to have no interest in the dogs or other daytime happenings in the living room, but when you look closer you can see that he’s always peeking through A hole in the rock of his den. On occasion I’m lucky enough to get some video of him out and about, I still have one that I need to post.


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We’re still having a great time living with Kobayashi, but there’s been little to NO opportunity to get more pictures or videos of him. He knows that he can wait until after 9pm to start cruising the glass and I’ll still interact with him, and he prefers the dark more than playing with me. That’s ok, they aren’t all super social!

He does seem to like it when I shine a flashlight up and down my own body, as if I’m doing a “passing cloud” display at him. He always comes to the glass when I do this- whatever it “means” seems to be of great interest to him! I just wish it was bright enough to get videos of it…
Kobayashi Maru after dark- out on the glass and watching us on the couch


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Just some fun photos lit by a flashlight from above. I’m trying to get Kobayashi accustomed to more light- he doesn’t like it. I also don’t think he likes the (camera) iPhone, because he’ll play on the glass in the flashlight beam- but when I bring the camera in front of him, he flinches and moves away. The past few briareus I’ve had seem intrigued by the whole photography experience, and came out to investigate what was happening.

I love the blurred effect in these few shots, but he did cooperate enough to let me get one clear one!


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Yashi has very definitely entered senescence… his color has faded, he’s out longer and in the brighter light, his “muscle tone” has visibly deteriorated, his arm tips are curly and his movements are a bit aimless. Of course, this is the part where he becomes more social and affectionate. He’s actually playing with my hand when it’s in the tank. He comes to “front and center” when I approach the tank (though he still moves away from the camera phone!).

Who knows how much time is left? All there is to do is ENJOY IT!


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