[Octopus]: O. briareus or O. vulgaris?

Okay. Just be careful with vendor ID in the future.
It seems with octopus at least, certain places know bugger all when it comes to Identification.
I spoke to him and he said they only had one designation in their system as most didn't know the difference and they mostly caught vulgaris but they added briareus after I reached out. Good vendor, just figured most did not care either way. The bigger ones all just put in octopus for the most part, though.
Had a little bit of salmon left after feeding the predator tanks and dropped a little bit into the octopus tank which prompted an appearance by her. First time she has come out when I am around so making some progress. She is still super shy and is not sure of what to make of the giant tongs I use in the tank but she didn't completely hide. Here is a video of me trying to tong feed her (ok, grabber feed) and then another of her co.ing out to grab an emerald crabs. She shows very little interest in peppermint shrimp as you can see from the video (same as my mimic) but she can't resist a tasty crab. I might also get a few mollies given her response to the salmon but with the mimic they were biting her and she had no interest so not sure what I want to do. Might possibly throw a couple of damsels in instead but not sure I want that dynamic, either.
I ended up adding another O. briareus to my collection so the original one got moved to my old mimic tank which is attached to the same system and the newer bigger one got out into the larger system. Both appear to be females but since I never get a good look at them since they are still very shy I can't be sure. They definitely like to eat, especially the smaller one whose tank also happened to be where Is kept spare emerald crabs for food. Suffice it to say, there are not many left at this point and it has only been since Tuesday.

New octopus in the bag

Old octopus in its new den

New octopus in its new den although you can't see any of it.l so it's really just a full tank shot of both systems. šŸ˜œ

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