[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Trying yet again at Daisy Hill


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Jan 22, 2004
With the dismal failure to produce fertile eggs with my recent batch of bandensis, I have just received two clusters of about 10 eggs each of wild caught eggs to give it another go. My hope is to post some pics and some info on progress at least once a week. :biggrin2:

The eggs arrived this morning and are acclimating now. Several hatchlings were sans egg, and swimming around. I have collected some amphipods to give to them, and 500 mysids will be arriving in the morning.

Here are a couple of acclimating shots:
Everytime I swear I am not spending more money on a camera, you take shots like this and I blow an interesting event! I took an hour of flash photos and my autofocus wouldn't. My Mercs mated for a second time (not likely to have a second hatching but interesting all the same)and I would dearly love to have had at least one decent photo of the event:mrgreen:

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