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Mar 15, 2003
Ok all...I am working out the ramifications of our 1st ever Tonmocon t-shirt (even if you can't go, buy one so that twenty years from now, you can say that you did...)

Last minute design ideas are more than welcome...the top five designs will be posted on tonmo for all of you to vote on...

send all suggestions here!!!

I think Robert's (Octobloke) 'Octopus eating a curry' would be a good design given that the convention is dedicated to his memory.
Ok, I'm honestly not thinking this is very good (the octopus is a stock image available from that site) but I'm posting it anyway. If nothing else, it gives folks an idea of how they can easily mock up a design for consideration!


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Great idea, Phil! It should be noted that the art submitted by Octobloke was crafted by his friend Robin Davies.

The character "Asterisk" was his idea, and one he was going to use on his own Website. Asterisk is a clever name. Not only does an octopus resemble an asterisk, but the symbol is produced by hitting shift-8!
Would be a cool shirt...don't know if we can handle the cost of a four colour shirt though...will research that end of it tomorrow...
smilies shirt?

I think the Asterisk curry idea is great, but if the color stuff is a problem, I also had the idea that a shirt composed of some of the more tonmo-specific smilies might be nifty, as well. Or they could be used as "accents" on some other design.
I rather like the shirt. If you want to know what would be a neat (albeit maybe a little bit expensive) idea for the Con, it would be rather neat to get a hold of and see if they could make a TonmoCon Stikfas fig for the event.
Regarding the t-shirts...A father of a former student of mine is a printer and he prints almost anything..stickers, shirts, magnets.he is real good...he printed my Oceanography club t-shirts this year..four color is pricey..he did my color for about 8 bucks a shirt depending on how many you get..I can do some work for the convention with these shirts, if you want me to..

Four colour seperation is waaaaaayyy out of budget, so I am looking into using a graphic press on...there are some black and white designs to consider also...

I've used graphic press depends on the color of the shirt and the color in the can look real good and real bad....light colored shirts work best

Hi all,

I am a new member to I saw this thread and thought that I might be of some help. Another community blog that I belong to (Monkeyfilter) had a contest on designing a t shirt and I was the member in charge of having them printed and distributed. If you like I can set you up with a t shirt silk screener who did our design ( which was seven colors. The shirts averaged out to be about seven bucks per shirt with a printing run of 133 shirts. Costs per shirt obviously go down if you order a larger run. We were able to sell the shirts for $17.00 and used the rest for postage since our members live all over the world. But if you are selling them only at the conference, you can use the extra for funding your website.

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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