Do we still have an arrangement with the Lido Beach Resort? I just called them, and they quoted much higher rates, and said that they'd never heard of any "Cephalopod Conference" or TonmoCon.

Their online reservation system also shows them as sold out, although the agent admitted she had some rooms left. Are there other hotels nearby? Anyone remember the name of the place we were all in last time TonmoCon was in Sarasota?
I called yesterday and they do still have a block of rooms available under Cephalopod Conference but their reservation system is not the greatest (I was put on hold and then dismissed numerous times during the day but was able to reach them at night) and the on-line system does not have us listed. The way I finally got to the reservation people was to call the hotel directly and then have them transfer me. Without the block rate, they will say they don't have rooms and they no longer have single king sized beds (two full sized beds were all that were available at the lower rate). There is also an additional $25/day charge not mentioned on the site and kind of casually mentioned as you make the reservations. We ended up off the island at the La Quinta only 10 minutes away with far less amenities, not even close to as nice and in an iffy part of town but at half the price. This has to be a budget trip for us but and I would recommend the Lido over where we are staying if the cost (a good rate for most of the places on the island) is not a primary consideration.

Since the smaller rooms available have two full beds, it would be cost effective if there are single attendees looking for roommates. This would bring the price to as cheap as you will find in far less nice accomodations. Should we start a bunk up thread?
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Thanks for the info @DWhatley !

I think a roommate thread might be a good idea. Or keeping it here might be fine as well. I haven't booked anything yet. If I do not find a roommate, I'll probably stay somewhere else since I'm getting in around 11PM on Friday and leaving Sunday.

Less than a month!

Sadly, our plans changed last minute and Neal won't be coming, just me :sad: An unexpected conflict came up and he needs to be in the office on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.
Ok, the agenda has been rounded out!

Richard Ross (@Thales) has been added - he'll present remotely for us about his great work at CA Academy of Sciences.

Such a great line up... can't wait!!
Hey all,

I just wanted to pop in here and say HI. I really regret not being able to make tonmocon this year. I couldn't afford it sadly, and started a new job at the end of August and became extremely busy and had to travel for work at that time.

When I have time I plan on browsing all the slides and archived streams, and I'm still working on some guides/documentation for this community, based on everything I've learned coming from being a complete beginner.

I hope you all had fun, and I can't wait to catch up on everything.

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