Renting a car is a good idea, as is flying into Tampa. Much better rates than going into the small Sarasota-based airport.
My dad's getting married the week before... Unlikely that I can swing it, but hope springs eternal.
Bill and I maybe able to attend...looking at points to fly down. Di do u remember the name of the hotel on the beach we stayed at? Is this the same one mentioned in this thread?
Sharon Orser found the little cabins for the last TONMOcon (not the same as the recommended hotel for this event). We did not stay with the group last time since my sister had Mariott points she donated. Sharon is on Facebook and I sent her an inquiry. I don't know how often she checks in but will message you there if she happens to have the information. I have not booked yet as our lives are in a bit of a tither and I don't know yet if I am going alone or if Neal will be able to come too.
I hope everyone can make it! But most importantly I hope the tithers go away...

We have group rates (and a minimum to hit :heee:) for the Lido Beach Resort - nice place on the water and good rates:
You must mention that you are attending the "Cephalopod conference" to get preferred rates.
Holy dofleini! tonmo remembers :smile:
Welcome back!! I'm gonna have to circle back on the numbers... Hard to say off the top, Mote is a little... remote... but hoping for a few dozen at a minimum, possibly more. They usually come together in the final stretch.
Will you be able to make it??