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Let's do some Q&As first:

First of all, what is TONMOCON?
TONMOCON is a biennial conference; a gathering of ceph-heads sharing cephy information (plus a drink or two). More info here.

Where and when is the next one?
California Academy of Sciences (Steinhart Aquarium), San Francisco

I also asked you when.
Oh, yes, it's October 18-20, 2013 (that's a Friday through Sunday).

How many people typically go?
Anywhere from 30 to 60 or 70 people or so, but the last couple have been on the higher side. Did you click that "more info" link above like I suggested?

No, sorry. Maybe later. How about kids? Are kids welcome at your event?
Absolutely! We've had a few inspiring young ceph-heads join our events in years past; certainly the daytime events. In the evenings we get together in taverns or restaurants, but typically places that are generally friendly to kids as well. Night-time locations are TBD.

Does it cost anything to go?
Yes, $15 per person. [PayPal Link Removed - event is complete!]

Uh-huh. And is there an agenda?
There is a DRAFT agenda, and we'll tighten it up as we get closer. See below.

How about display tables/booths?
This is not sales or marketing event with booths and all that, although there is growing interest... maybe TONMOCON VI will include that? Still, we will have a few things on display. Contact me at [email protected] if you have interest or questions on this (or anything else about TONMOCON).

Is this official? I mean, should I go ahead and book my travel?
I'm doing that as we speak!

Cool! How about hotels?
You can stay wherever you like; we suggest you stay within 25 minutes or so of the California Academy of Sciences. The SFO airport has many nearby hotels and getting on Route 1 should be fairly straightforward on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Keep in mind there will be evening events as well at some TBD location. Surely there will be some discussion about hotel locations, etc., but there's no need to delay your plans at this point -- book early and save!

Hey, if I want to talk with other TONMO members about this TONMOCON or past ones, where can I do that?
If you had bothered to click that more info link I've been yammering about, you would have also seen the link to the TONMOCON forum.

Ok then. You're a great guy. I can't wait to buy you a beer. So how about that draft agenda?

*DRAFT* TONMOCON V AGENDA (Regular updates to follow as we get closer)

Friday Evening: informal meet & greet at Social Kitchen & Brewery

Saturday: TONMOCON V Presentations

Presenters and Topics

Note this is based on input from interested presenters. Times, presenters, and topics are all subject to change. TONMO usernames appear in parentheses.

7:45am: Doors Open, and COFFEE!! Thanks California Academy of Sciences!!

8:30am: Intro by Tony Morelli (tonmo)

9:00am: Richard Ross (Thales): Larger Pacific Striped Octopus and/or the cephalopods at California Academy of Sciences

9:45am: Margarita Upton from CAS will talk about her work with GPO

10:30am: Bret Grasse - The Monterey Bay Aquarium's cephalopod show! - introduction to the species, show development, challenges and successes

11:15am: Olaf Blaaw (OB) - Ammonite soft structure anatomy

12 Noon: LUNCH will be provided by TONMO -- likely pizza (hold the calamari)

12:45pm: Dr. Crissy Huffard (mucktopus): Aculeatus in the wild

1:30pm: Aaron Boyd Evans (GPO87): research at AUT (on the glass squid) and/or general squid diversity (tbd)

2:15pm: Denise Whatley (dwhatley): Identifying Commonly Kept Octopuses

3:00pm: Greg Barord (gjbarord): Nautilus field research update

3:45pm: Peter Godfrey-Smith (pgs): Recent Thinking about Octopus Minds, and an Update from Octopolis

4:30pm: Monty Awards, Raffles & Wrap-up by Tony Morelli (tonmo)

Saturday Night: More fun somewhere! Back to Social Kitchen & Brewery?

Sunday: day at the aquarium? Possible cephalopod book tour?

Can't wait to see you there! :boat::sink:

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